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Super Soft

When someone touches our faux fur festival boa for the first time, the response is surprised delight. Incredibly soft, yes even luxurious, it feels as good as it looks. You can’t help but run your fingers down it. We believe it's the first of its kind available to boa lovers. The silky nylon material is unmatched in a featherless boa. Our Super Sized Boas are made from a super soft microfiber. Not as silky smooth as the faux fur but still very comfortable and offers greater volume for that traditional feather boa look. Our original featherless boa is a polyester material. It's a more economical material but still very soft.

All three styles share another great feature that make it a great alternative to feather boas, NO QUILLS! That means no sharp, pointy quills poking into your neck while you party the night away.

Super soft material, no quills, three styles and lots of colors to choose from, Happy Boas give you freedom of choice.

Happy Boa. Be FREE! Feather Free. Mess Free. Quill Free.

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“You would not BELIEVE how soft they are! I joked that I could curl up in a pile of them and take a nap...” 

-Shawn, Happy Customer