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Cruelty Free

Happy Boa does not use any animal by-products. Our featherless boas are made from soft washable synthetic materials.

The Truth Behind Feathers

Many feathers are sourced from countries with zero animal protection policies. Without regulation, farms are free to engage in the practice of live plucking, in which feathers are ripped from the helpless birds. This process is repeated multiple times throughout the birds' lives in order to maximize feather yield before they are finally processed for the food industry.

Even in countries with strict regulations, companies are finding it difficult to effectively enforce these standards. Alternative means of feather collection, such as mechanical shearing and grooming, are still found to cause unnecessary stress and pain for the birds.

Do your part to end live plucking and the maltreatment of animals. Happy Boa equals happy birds! Go Featherless!

We understand that not all feathers are live plucked from animals, but a growing number of people are concerned with how their clothing, accessories, food, etc. is made. Regardless whether the feathers for boas are live plucked or not, a growing number of people are concerned with how their clothing, accessories, food, etc. is made. They care that animals are raised and treated humanely.

Vegans and animal cruelty enthusiasts make it their mission to educate the rest of the world about animal cruelty and how certain every day items are made with no regards to how the animals are treated.

Just like some people don’t want their eggs to be from chickens tortured in cages, people want their feathers to fall off the birds naturally, not live plucked.

Products Happy Boa happily supports:

Click here for a shopping guide to compassionate clothing and accessories. We support vegan companies that sell only animal-friendly, cruelty-free products. Also listed are companies that sell some leather and fur alternatives. 

To assure sound animal welfare, Patagonia® Down Products use only 100% Traceable Down. From fall 2014 forward, all Patagonia down products contain only 100% Traceable Down Feathers. This means all of the down feathers in all their down products can be traced back to birds that were never force-fed and never live-plucked. The Traceable Down Standard provides the highest assurance of animal welfare in the apparel industry. 

Watch Patagonia's video about animal welfare and down products

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Watch and learn.

The images in the following program are highly sensitive and may be as disturbing to viewers as they were to us. However, we feel have to show the truth about animal cruelty in the down industry.


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 "I honestly couldn't be happier with them. Well received by customers and my conscience is clear!" 

 –Steve, Photobooth Rental Business Owner