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For ten years now I've found myself smack-dab in the middle of the wedding and events industry.  Running a photo booth company based out of Corpus Christi, Texas, I have become well-versed in the realm of party props. On a nightly basis our wares are subjected to unspeakable horrors, many of which are only fully revealed in the post-event photo review.

I was quick to realize, however, that of all the props used, the feather boas were a crowd-favorite.  Babies, grandmas, groomsmen, selfie-obsessed tweens, the occasional name it.  Only problem, or so I thought, was the mountains of feathers left in our wake.  By mountains I mean an entire range to rival the Rockies.  We left feathers at venues, in our cars, offices, homes, and everywhere in between.  So after years of waiting for an alternative, I decided to create it.

I organized a small team and we immersed ourselves in the world of textiles.  We learned about yarn, ribbon, tulle, wefts, warps, and woofs.  We learned how NOT to sew...a few times over.  Our team stitched things, glued things, melted things, and broke things.  What resulted was more than any us could have ever hoped for.

After almost a year of testing, we had a one-of-a-kind product: a feather-like, featherless boa. Now I could confidently send out boas, knowing that at the end of the night, it would not look like an epic pillow fight had ensued.  In addition, when these featherless boas came back battered and beaten, a quick toss in the wash had them looking and smelling like new!  Limited color options? Nope.  Quills stabbing you in the neck?  Not a chance.

Ultimately, through this process, I learned the truth about the feather boas we had so often relied upon. We fully support utilizing every scrap of a process in order to reduce wastes.  When that utilization involves factory farming, shearing, and the live plucking of feathers...count us out.

We set out to make a better boa. We ended up with a cruelty-free product and a cause...and that makes us happy.  Happy bird.  Happy Boa.  Go featherless!

Kyle Krebs

Founder of Happy Boa