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  • Featherless Boas

    "100 times better!!! They don’t leave all those crazy feathers flying all over the place; even better, no itching on your neck!"

  • Super Soft

    "You would not BELIEVE how soft they are! I joked that I could curl up in a pile of them and take a nap...”

  • No Feathers! NO MESS!

    “These amazing boas held up well in the dance routines, and no feathers to pick up afterwards!!!"


Feather boas got you down? Owl about the only boas that are made featherless with no quills stabbing the neck, that won’t make a mess, are washable, are allergy free, are soft as a kitten, and are cruelty free. 

Featherless Happy Boas are one-of-a-kind!  U.S. Pat. No. D814,740.  Made in Houston, U.S.A. Keep jobs in America!  We appreciate your support and business!

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Gameday wear Spirit Boas coming soon!