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Enter to win! Hashtag, #FeatherlessBoa. Read Rules.

  • Featherless Boas

    "100 times better!!! They don’t leave all those crazy feathers flying all over the place; even better, no itching on your neck!"

  • Super Soft

    "You would not BELIEVE how soft they are! I joked that I could curl up in a pile of them and take a nap...”

  • No Feathers! NO MESS!

    “These amazing boas held up well in the dance routines, and no feathers to pick up afterwards!!!"

  • Machine Washable

    "We ordered a "real" boa and ended up with a beautifully colored, complete mess with feathers and sneezing all over the place."

  • Special Price! $7.99

    Beautiful Luau Magenta Boa. While Supplies Last.


Feather boas got you down? Owl about the only boas that are made featherless with no quills stabbing the neck, that won’t make a mess, are washable, are allergy free, are soft as a kitten, and are cruelty free. 

Featherless Happy Boas are one-of-a-kind!  U.S. Pat. No. D814,740.  Made in Houston, U.S.A. Keep jobs in America!  We appreciate your support and business!

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