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Feather boas got you down? Buy featherless boas! Owl about the only boa that won’t make a mess; only boa that won’t poke you in the neck with quills; only boa that is washable; only boa that is allergy free; only boa that is soft as a kitten; only boa that is cruelty free.

Feather Free Quality

Quality in a boa finally exist. Happy Boas are feather free for durability. Choose to buy more boas in many colors with confidence knowing they can be enjoyed over and over again!

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“Wow, the new boa is stunning.... “The Super Boa is colorful, plush, and attractive. Nice work!” “Thank you for your efforts to develop a cruelty free, show-stopping boa!”

-Marion, Happy Customer

Machine Washable

Feel free to dance the night away and then toss our featherless boas in the wash. Our colorfast dyes won't bleed even on your whitest whites! 

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"We ordered a "real" boa and ended up with a beautifully colored, complete mess with feathers and sneezing all over the place. So glad you have another product!"

-Leslie, Happy Customer


Super Soft

Tired of being stabbed in the neck by feather quills?  Live out your boa fantasies pain free with a super soft feather free Happy Boa! Snuggle up with a soft-as-a-kitten featherless boa!

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My children love the Happy Boas so much they are sleeping with them”

-Laura, Happy Customer


Mess Free

Leave the feathers for the birds.  Our mess free 100% featherless boa design allows you to enjoy a feather-like appearance without leaving a poultry farm. 

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 “I would love to make an order....” "I have a photobooth business and I stop using feather boas because at the end of the event it was a mess."

-Richard, Current Happy Customer


Allergy Free

Happy Boa boas are made of synthetic materials that won’t get your allergies going. Feel free to bury your face in our hypoallergenic boas. Snuggle up and enjoy your boas itch-free!

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“I would love to get a happy boa. It's for my friend for her bachelorette party. I didn't want to get a feather one because of allergies and general messiness.”

-Erin, Current Happy Customer


Synthetic All the Way! 

“Feather boas and furry stoles are glamorous additions to a little girl’s dress-up collection, but these items could trigger a reaction in an allergic child. It’s best to skip items that contain real fur or feathers; synthetic versions of these materials provide a safe alternative.”

-eBay Consumer Reports 

Cruelty Free

Happy Boa does not use any animal by-products. Our featherless boas are made from soft washable synthetic materials. Happy Boa equals happy birds.

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“These are brilliant! What a mess feather boas leave. Although people loved them (feather boas) we’ve tired clearing all the mess constantly and, also after looking into them more... not very kind to birds. We stopped using them and began searching for alternatives, found your site in USA” 
-Rick, Photobooth Rental Business Owner, U.K.
No Itching

Get out and Party!  Enjoy your boas itch-free with no quills poking your neck. It is possible to wear a boa all party long when it's made of a super soft synthetic material. Choose from Faux Fur nylon, Super Boa microfiber, and the Original Boa polyester.

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"100 times better! They don't leave all those crazy feathers flying all over the place; and, even better, no itching on your neck!"

-Kaycee, Happy Customer


"IN LOVE WITH MY BOA!“I love mine! It’s so Soft”

-Victoria , Johnnie Brock’s


Made in the U.S.A.

Each Happy Boa is given great care and attention to detail during manufacturing.  Made in Houston Texas; we want to create jobs in the United States and have resisted sourcing cheap production overseas. We would appreciate your support and business!

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