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"We ordered a "real" boa and ended up with a beautifully colored, complete mess with feathers and sneezing all over the place. So glad you have a featherless product!"

-Stacey, Happy Customer


“I have been searching and searching for a boa that does not shed and leave a crazy mess all over our floors, I came across your website and found your fabulous boas. The boas have worked wonderfully and I love the colors!” 

-Ilene, Sparkled Pink


"I honestly couldn't be happier with them. Well received by the customers too and my conscience is clear!"   

–Steve, Photobooth Rental Business Owner


"Just wanted to let u know that our boas we ordered from you were just perfect. We used them for a can can theme equestrian drill team ride at SEMDTA National competition in Jacksonville FL.  Last time we rode we used regular boas and dropped feathers in the arena and lost points."

-Janie, Equestrian Drill Team


“These amazing boas held up well in the dance routines, and no feathers to pick up afterwards!!! “Lots and lots of compliments on the boas. A huge success!”

-Shari, Mother of Marching Band Student


"YOU ROCK!!! I want to purchase 10 of these for my dance studio (we do bachelorette parties and I will NOT allow feather boas in my studio) for obvious reasons, they create a mess.... they annoy my cleaning lady (my mom) and I am a vegan."

-Rochelle, The Pole Barn Studio


"You would not BELIEVE how soft they are! I joked that I could curl up in a pile of them and take a nap...” 

-Shawn, Happy Customer


"100 times better! They don’t leave all those crazy feathers flying all over the place; and, even better, no itching on your neck!" 

-Danielle, Happy Customer