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So we searched and searched for a feather boa review about someone machine washing their feather boa and luckily no one had tried this... well, no one admitted to trying this anyway. Feel free to dance the night away and then toss our featherless boas in the wash. Our colorfast dyes won’t bleed even on your whitest whites! Too often feather boas are a one and done experience. Worked once, well sort of, your friend isn’t happy about the mess it left at her house party, then you stored it away in the closet but it lost so many feathers its first night of use you probably wont use it again. It just sits there, lonely and abandoned. A sad, lonely feather boa. That's the experience we hear over and over from boa lovers across the world.  They love the beauty of boas but not the mess and don't even think about trying to wash a feather boa! Complete disaster!

Happy Boa is the easy alternative to feather boas. Our colorfast material is machine washable and with a quick low heat setting in your dryer or just hang dry it's ready to go again. The machine washable feature is really a plus for intense users like Burlesque performers, exotic dancers, performance artists and casual users who work up a sweat on the dance floor.

Now, there's no guarantee that if the night before you were doing sloppy keg stands wearing nothing but a Happy Boa or your clumsy sorority sister spilled cheap Chianti wine all over your Happy Boa that its going to come out of the wash looking brand new. But we have tested our Happy Boas with photo booth owners and they put our product through heavy use, event after event. They love how easy it is to care for a Happy Boa.

Because they last and can be cleaned so easily, customers are starting their Happy Boa collection.  Purchasing multiple colors of our three different styles.  Special occasions call for a beautiful Happy Boa but more and more stylish people are wearing Happy Boas as part of their daily style.

Happy Boa. Be FREE! Feather Free. Mess Free. Care Free. 

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YOU ROCK!!! I want to purchase 10 of these for my dance studio (we do bachelorette parties and I will NOT allow feather boas in my studio) for obvious reasons, they create a mess.... they annoy my cleaning lady (my mom) and I am a vegan.

-Rochelle, The Pole Barn Studio