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Keeping your Happy Boa happy:

Haircuts:  From time to time you may find some loose strands hanging from your Happy Boas.  Don't worry, this only means you're enjoying your boa thoroughly, as intended.  In order to spruce up your Happy Boa, simply take a pair of scissors and trim off these strands as needed.  If you're crafty, you can use the trimmings to make earrings, ornaments, friendship bracelets, etc...

Washing:  Depending on how you use it (who are we to judge), your Happy Boa may smell a little funky from time to time.  No worries.  Just toss it in the wash, cold water with like colors, and hang it up to dry.  Need it dry in a pinch?  Throw your soggy boa in a pillow case and zip/tie the top of the case shut.  If you have a 'bra bag' or mesh 'delicates' bag, this works as well.  Then toss in the dryer on low heat - they dry extremely fast!