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Disposable income? Sign me up! Disposable boa? No thanks. Don't spend money on a single-use boa. Get more for your money with our durable, high quality, feather free boas and enjoy your bird-friendly accessory time and time again.

Feather Free quality isn't just one thing, it's a combination of features that make a Happy Boa a smart alternative to feather boas. High quality, higher cost feather boas will always have their place but there’s plenty of room for improvement in the lower cost category. Happy Boa offers a lot of pluses by being Feather Free including colorfast, machine washable, durable, mess free, super soft and cruelty free. All that in a beautiful affordable boa! Happy Boas are made one at time in the USA and we are proud to offer long lasting quality boas that will give you plenty of opportunities to wear and enjoy again and again.

We’ve looked high and low and found nothing else to compare on the market today to our Feather Free boa. We’ve visited with folks who have been in the costume business for decades and they’ve seen many other attempts with different materials, but they never lived up to expectations.

And at first it was no different for Happy Boa’s founder and designer, Kyle Krebs.  He hit many roadblocks on his path to building a better boa.  Thankfully he was too stubborn to give up!  There’s an old saying that you only fail when you stop trying.

For two years in design phase, Kyle never stopped trying. He had to travel to China because the U.S. simply doesn't make raw textiles anymore. And while the material had to be imported, it's designed and manufactured right here in the good old U-S-A. Check out the rest of our site to see our beautiful boas.   

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“These amazing boas held up well in the dance routines, and no feathers to pick up afterwards!!! “Lots and lots of compliments on the boas. A huge success!”


-Shari, Mother of Marching Band Student

"I had to take it off after 20 minutes so I didn't lose the whole feather boa on the floor!"