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Leave the feathers for the birds. Our mess free, 100% featherless boa design allows you to enjoy a feather-like appearance without leaving a trail of feathers everywhere. Everyday boa lovers are discovering that Happy Boa is a fun, affordable alternative to messy feather boas.  In fact, that’s why Happy Boa was created in the first place. Photo Booth owner Kyle Krebs was being told by a growing number of venue managers to leave the messy feather boas out of his prop supplies.  With feather boas being banned at more and more places, he was losing out on a party prop favorite. So Kyle decided to make his own feather free boa.  It was a long journey with many twists and turns but now he has built a better boa and he is ready to share it with the world.

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Are you like many of our customers who leave their feather boas in the closet because of the mess they will cause or throw it away because its lost too many feathers?  Or have you chosen not to add a beautiful boa accessory to your costume or gown for the same reason? Then take a look at all our mess free styles and colors and see if our product is right for you.  Happy Boa offers the beauty of a boa without the hassle. Our customers are likely to wear their mess free boas more often because of all the great features like softness, durability, colorfast, wash-ability and hypoallergenic.  Think of all the folks who suffer from feather allergies who have never gotten to wear a boa.

And its not just feathers that make a mess.  We've heard horror stories of dyed feathers ruining beautiful gowns and costumes, young children with dye on their face and hands after playing with feathered boas. Happy Boas are colorfast so that’s a mess you won’t have to worry about.

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“I have been searching and searching for a boa that does not shed and leave a crazy mess all over our floors, I came across your website and found your fabulous boas. The boas have worked wonderfully and I love the colors!” 

-Ilene, Sparkled Pink



“Someone plucked Big Bird.”