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100% Featherless

Why a 100% Feather-Free Happy Boa?

Wanted: A party prop faux feather boa that doesn't leave feathers everywhere and on everyone, is extremely ultra soft, very durable that doesn't fall apart and can be used over and over again, is machine washable, is hypoallergenic, is animal-friendly and cruelty-free! Say goodbye forever to loose feathers, scratchy quills, cheap quality, and the short life of feather boas. Happy Boas are made of ultra-soft materials that provide a feather-like appearance with none of the hassle. Feeling the need to be adventurous in your feather-free boa? Our quality boas are constructed to handle everything you can throw at them. When you're done, simply toss them in the wash to get them looking and smelling like new again!

Still not sure about going featherless? Happy Boa was founded with the goal of solving all the common problems associated with feather boas. What we learned along the way provided us an entirely new purpose. Few people know the truth behind feather products. We didn't either when we started out. Unfortunately, feathers are often sourced from factory farms solely focused on profit, without regard for the humane treatment of animals. Happy Boa is proud to provide animal-free, animal-friendly alternatives. In addition, we are committed to supporting others who choose to do so.

Learn more about our cruelty-free commitment here: Cruelty Free.


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