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Posted on March 27 2017

When in the market for a new item of any kind, it's always reassuring when you see positive reviews of the product you're browsing.

Our customers love sharing their thoughts about our boas. Here are a few!

“I am so excited to promote and say thank you to the Happy Boa company for giving me access to their wonderful products. One of their boas is being used in the Aurora Arts Theatre current production of The Rocky Horror Show. Their boas are strong, featherless and clean.”
Peter M. Lopez
Aurora Arts Theatre, Corpus Christi Texas

“Boas add so much to raves. I’m so glad they are cruelty free.”
@thejessicaxsun, Los Angeles, California

“Our staff loved the boas we purchased at Boathouse Bar & Grill for the Barefoot Mardi Gras Fat Friday Party!”
James Gay, General Manager
Verified Reviewer (website)

“I saw these boas at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Mega Trade Show) and you would not BELIEVE how soft they are! I joked that I could curl up in a pile of them and take a nap...”
Shawn Mosch

 We love our customers just as much as they love our Happy Boas!




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