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Party! Happy Boa avail at Party City Online

Posted on August 22 2017

Party City Online is now offering Happy Boa on their e-commerce site Party City . Halloween is only 70 days away and the nation's largest party and costume chain has the feather free, mess free Happy Boa ready to accessorize a wide variety of costumes.


Feather boas have long been used as a costume accessory for Roaring 20's flappers, Las Vegas showgirls, sexy Burlesque dancers or just a fun add-on to a crazy costume. Now Happy Boa is offering a feather free alternative that doesn't drop feathers everywhere and maybe best of all doesn't have quills poking and scratching your neck like a feather boa.  

Every Halloween you see a mix of new costumes and traditional ones on kids and adults alike.  Thats what’s great about costume accessories like boas, they add a little color of fun to something you may pull out of the closet.  You like your Zombie costume from last year but don't want an exact repeat? Then add a Bubblegum SuperBoa and POW! You have an updated look for about $15.  Happy Boa extends the life of a costume or outfit. or if you are like many folks and wait until the night of the costume party to select an outfit, then you just go in your closet and pick out your funnest stuff, add a Happy Boa and you are ready to go.  That's what's great about making your costume, the options are limitless.  We’ll explore DIY costumes in a future blog post.

Whats also sets the new Happy Boa apart from old feather boas is its colorfast. So it wont stain your costume and its machine washable.  Don't even think about washing a feather boa. That would be a disaster for you and your washing machine, not to mention the boa. Happy Boas are durable so with a little care you’ll have a high quality boa for many parties and events long after you've thrown away a cheap feather boa.

So how do you make a feather boa without feathers? Happy Boa uses high quality yarn and sews it to durable ribbon.  There are three styles: Original featherless boa, Super Boa and Faux Fur Festival boa.

The Hot Yellow Faux Fur is blacklight friendly so if you are a real raver or just playing one for Halloween, you'll love the attention you get from goblins and vampires excited to see you.  You can decide for yourself whether they get a Trick or Treat.

So check out Happy Boa online at Party City.  Get on their email list to get offers for free shipping.  Buying online is pretty easy when it comes to your door and you don't have to pay for shipping. Heres a link to their Halloween costumes page and I saw where they have closeouts for as low as $5! PartyCityHalloweenCostumes.


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