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Happy Boa equals happy birds!

Posted on February 13 2017

When he created Happy Boa, Kyle Krebs had no idea that the feather boas he previously used were very likely made by live plucking defenseless animals. It was only after extensive research that he made these terrible discoveries. After finding out that information, Kyle added "Cruelty Free" and "Vegan Friendly" to his list of amazing features that make up a Happy Boa.

Happy Boa does not use any animal by-products. Our featherless boas are made from soft washable synthetic materials.

The Truth Behind Feathers:
Many feathers are sourced from countries with zero animal protection policies. Without regulation, farms are free to engage in the practice of live plucking, in which feathers are ripped from the helpless birds. This process is repeated multiple times throughout the birds' lives in order to maximize feather yield before they are finally processed for the food industry.
Even in countries with strict regulations, companies are finding it difficult to effectively enforce these standards. Alternative means of feather collection, such as mechanical shearing and grooming, are still found to cause unnecessary stress and pain for the birds.
Do your part to end live plucking and the maltreatment of animals.

Happy Boa equals happy birds! Go Featherless!


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