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Feel This Faux Fur! Delightful!

Posted on August 16 2017


Its 107 heat index and I want to talk faux fur?! Really? Well ya, its going to be winter day after tomorrow so lets get ready for fall fashion.  New to market is Happy Boa’s Faux Fur Festival Boa. “I already have fake fur in my closet” Ya but not like this. Happy Boa is using yarn to make what may be the softest faux fur around.  “Oh my!” It happens almost every time a customer touches a Happy Boa faux fur for the first time. They know faux fur is pretty but can be a little rough. They feel the Festival Boa and want to know if its available as a comforter. Not kidding. Its that soft. Super soft.  

So its a little slinky, not as full as some other products out there, so call it trim or svelte. Its minimalist. Maybe its a scarf more than a boa, but no matter what you call it, its different from other faux furs.  And they come in bold colors that add a splash of color while not being loud. It mischievously says “look at me” rather than screaming “I want to be noticed”.  Hey we all want to be noticed but in a good way.   Seven colors are in stock including blacklight friendly Hot Yellow or choose Ice White, Bisbee Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Soft Pink or the never out of style black .

Black and Bisbee Blue look so chic on a well dressed male. On a tuxedo or matching bow tie, the Happy Boa faux fur sets your man apart from all the other black and white formal penguins at the gala. He stands out while again not screaming for attention.


So why do they call it a Festival Boa? Well turns out the Rave and EDM crowd like the super sexy faux fur for their costumes and outfits. Look for the blacklight Hot Yellow to make a grand entry at the all night dance parties.  But with the fall weather a nice faux fur festival boa around your neck is a good idea to stay warm when the sun sets at your next music festival.  And for socially conscious music fans its all about MOOP and LNT. No idea what that is? Well for festivals like Burning Man, it has become policy to not destroy the earth you party on. MOOP is Matter Out of Place so feather boas are a no no because you leave a mess behind.  LNT is Leaving No Trace which is almost impossible with tens of thousands off music worshippers but its good policy to think about your impact when its multiplied by thousands of fellow attendees. So Happy Boa is a product that by design doesn't shed or leave messy feathers behind.  And because its washable it will survive those three day festivals and be ready for that next road trip event.  

Another important impact is on animals.  Happy Boa is vegan friendly because no animals products are used to make any of their boas.  No feathers. No fur. Fun fashion with good karma.

They are a new company but their retail network is growing and you can find them 24/7 on Amazon and But photos don't tell the whole story, you've gotta feel that faux fur to get that “Ohhhhhhh!!!” moment.  



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