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Featherless Boas PERFECT for Photo Booths!

Posted on February 07 2017

Photo Booth owners turn to Happy Boa

Photo Booth owners across the nation are shifting their sights to featherless boas.

Why? Well, to be frank, because feather boas make a huge mess!

"I have a photo booth business and I stop using feather boas because at the end of the event it was a mess."
Richard Flores
Fo Cheesy Photo Booth in California

Feather boas end up causing more trouble then they are worth! That's why our feather free, mess free, cruelty free Happy Boas are the next "IT" item for photo booth owners!

“These are brilliant!...what a mess was left(feather boas). Although people loved them(feather boas) we’ve tired clearing all the mess constantly and, also after looking into them more... not very kind to birds. We stopped using them and began searching for alternatives, found your site in USA....we feel there is a good market for these.”
Steve Georgiou,
Photo Booth Rental Business Owner in UK

It's safe to say that featherless boas are a must for photo booth owners everywhere!





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