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Burlesque Bachelorette Party

Posted on August 12 2017

From Vegas to the Valley, we are seeing a lot more Burlesque Bachelorette Parties. Its a fun way to burn off the stress from wedding planning.  

Hosting at a Burlesque studio is a naughty but nice spin on letting loose before the BIG DAY.  Releasing your inner wild chid through dance is fun, sexy and guilt free because its all innocent fun with your girlfriends.

Every one has their wild side, it may just be buried a little deeper and need some coaxing to the surface. Professional instructors  show you all the hot moves and insider secrets to get the blood flowing and the party going!  

And with no guys in the room, its a judgement free zone so you can let loose with your close friends. Its kind of that what happens in Vegas attitude, even if its just in a studio down the street from your house.

Adding to the fun are party and dance props like boas that accentuate your sexy dance routine. Burlesque instructors are moving away from using featherless boas to a new featherless boa called Happy Boa. Its feather free so its mess free. No feathers on the floor or scratchy quills poking your neck.

We recently met studio owner and instructor Melissa Cloutier in Las Vegas where she instantly fell in love with our Faux Fur boa.  She ordered a dozen and will be using them for classes and bachelorette parties. Check out Red Hot & Ladlylike Dance Studio on faceBook in the next few weeks to see the new Happy Boa in action.

So if you are a Maid of Honor or one of the bride's maids, consider a burlesque bachelorette party the bride will never forget. Who knows, it might even lead to taking some classes to keep the passionate fires burning in the bedroom longer after the honey moon.


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