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Having enough N95 Face Masks Respirators to protect you and your family can provide security and comfort during the pandemic. Frontline workers routinely use N95 masks and they are also recommended during natural disasters, such as forest fires. By design, N95s effectively filter out a minimum of 95 percent of airborne aerosols particles.

When wearing a mask elastic straps are essential for full protection from viruses. With elastic straps the mask fits the user’s face snugly to create a seal which eliminates the number of particles that bypass the filter through gaps between the user’s skin and the mask seal.

Model: Surgical Grade Makrite 9500-N95

  • Extremely durable with a soft and comfortable inner surface.
  • Adjustable nose piece.
  • Nose Foam to reduce leakage.
  • Secured elastic head straps to provide proper fit.
  • Material with low breathing resistance.

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N95 face mask respirators are evaluated, tested, and approved by NIOSH. N95s use a Polypropylene meltblown fiber filter material for protection down to 0.3 microns.

CDC List of Approved N95 Masks

The Makrite 9500-N95 is CDC approved with 510(K) number for the medical market. See our blog post for the surgical grade Makrite model 9500-N95 approval certifications and reports from the FDA and NIOSH.

IMPORTANT: Elastic straps are required for proper protection when wearing a mask. For full protection from viruses it is essential the mask fit the user’s face snugly (i.e., create a seal) to prevent from secreting respiratory droplets, and prevents others from getting respiratory droplets from user.

To check the fit, place both hands over the mask and exhale. If air leaks around your nose, adjust the metal nosepiece. If air leaks at the mask edges, adjust the straps back along the sides of your head.